Trim Scene Solutions is the foremost technology expert in the Harvesting, Drying, Trimming, Bagging, and Smoking fields. Located in Famous Humboldt County in Northern CA, Trim Scene Solutions has been The leader in the industry for over five years.


We Sell, Rent and Service Trimming Machines including the Twister, Centurion Pro, Mean Green Trimming Machine, and Trim Pro brands. Scissors, Shears, Sharpeners, Trim Bins, Gloves, Boldtbags, Bubble Bags, Pollinators, Bubbleators, Extraction Contraptions, Plant Essence Extraction Tubes, Butane, Torches, Scales, Money Counters, Ammo Cans, Gator Cases, SKB Gun Cases, and Pollen Presses are some of the great products we offer. We carry Nitrogen and Vacuum Sealers from MVS, Weston and Seal-a-meal as well as a huge assortment of vacuum, channel, mylar and oven bags. 

We carry Scientific and Heady glass from such great artists as: Sasha Hess, Perry Norton, Darby Holm, Hitman, Naby, n3rd, Huffy, Snic, K-Sass, Gnosy, Doc Glass, M&M Tech, Grav Labs, Dynomite, Robin moore, Aaron Vigil, CripSkillz, Syn, Noswar, Big Z, E-Box, Dan Evans, Kuhns, Rehab, Joel Halen, Preston Hannah, Arty, Inkz, EFS, Sherbet, Mr Gray, WC Stearns, Talon, Hermit, Shawn Earle, Phatt Matt and many more. Titanium smoking accessories, Vaporizers, Vape Pens, Grinders, Rolling Papers and more.